Plaintiff Funding

At Green Light Advance we understand how enduring a prolonged litigation may affect you. Your injury may prevent you from returning to work and your medical bills will start piling up. Green Light Advance specializes in cash advances for plaintiffs so you can focus on recovery. We will get you the money you need for your presettlement advance.

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Pre-Settlement Funding for Plaintiffs

Green Light Advance provides litigation financing for the following types of personal injury cases:

These lawsuits may take months or even years to settle which is why we provide fast funding for plaintiffs. Choosing Green Light Advance will give you financial security during these uncertain times. Our staff understand the stress involved with these cases so we take great care to make the whole process easy for you. There is no credit check or income verification required.

Pay Only if You Win

Furthermore, every cash advance we make is non-recourse meaning if you lose the case you don’t owe anything. Apply today – the process is easy: we just need to speak to your attorney about the facts of the case. Once we have the records we will review them and respond with our cash advance decision within 48 hours. Apply now!

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“Hi, my name is Colleen and I have pending lawsuit which will be settled in December. I wanted to have a great summer now and was looking for a cash advance against my pending settlement . I searched the net and found . I was very pleased in how fast i received my cash advance !! They were very friendly and answered all my questions . The process was quick and painless , lol . If you are looking for a cash advance this is the place to go, Thank you so much”

Colleen Boston, MA