Pre-Settlement Cash Advance for Pending Lawsuits

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We make getting your pre-settlement cash advance fast and easy. At Green Light Advance we help you get your funds from pending lawsuits so you can have peace of mind.
  • Immediate cash $1,000 to $5,000,000
  • No credit checks
  • No monthly payments
  • Lowest rates available
  • If case is lost you owe nothing
We do not require credit checks or income verification. To expedite your settlement cash advance we just need to confirm the facts of the case with your attorney. Our pre-settlement funding service aims to level the playing field and help you with your financial needs.

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What is a Pre-Settlement Cash Advance?

Pre-Settlement refers to the time period after a claim has been brought by the plaintiff and prior to the execution of the settlement agreement or judgment. It is the period of time during which a legal claim is pending and unresolved. Presettlement funding is actually a cash advance or funding based on future unresolved claims. Green Light Advance can get you the money you need to help you cover personal, vehicle replacement costs, and medical expenses.

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"As we know, things now days have changed. especially with COVID. I ran into a situation where I did not have any money coming in, bills are on the verge of being disconnected. Not knowing what to do or where to turn, I know I have a lawsuit. So, I contacted Vincent and explained my situation. He was very understanding, listened to me and explained how he could help. Not thinking I would be able to be helped, well I was wrong. After speaking with Vincent and he in turn spoke with my attorneys, he was able to secure a small amount of money so that I could keep the lights on and food on the table. I did not ask for a huge amount, I sat down with my wife and I asked for a real amount that would help get my family by. If not for Vincent and the Green Light Cash Advance I would have surely sunk. It is not every day you find someone that is willing to listen and do the best they can to help. Vincent was very professional, polite, and always treated me with respect. Just remember these things take time so be patient and he will do the best he can to help. From start to finish was about 72 hours. Thank you for everything, this means a lot to my family as we can stay afloat."


"A couple of weeks ago, I needed a cash advance with my pending lawsuit. I needed the funding quickly. The staff at Green Light worked miracles and I received my advance within days. The process was easy and the money arrived faster than I thought. Anyone that needs money I suggest calling Green Light Advance."

Dolly, Bradenton, FL

"The guys at Green Light Advance were very thorough & kept me informed. I was approved quickly & had my money even quicker. I would recommend this site to anyone !!!"

Craig, Waterloo, NY

Three months ago I had no other financial options so I had turned to Green Light Advance.  I had tried other companies without any success.  They were the only company that actually took the time to hear my case and give me a chance.  In my opinion, there is no one in the lending field that will work as hard to assist you.  In your time of need, I recommend you go to Green Light Cash Advance !!!


Green light Cash Advance is one of the best places to do business! They are quick and efficient and they know how to do their job, in addition, they are kind and courteous. They are true Pro's and I would highly recommend them to all that seek funding.

Timothy, Las Vegas