Pre Settlement Loan Georgia

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Pre Settlement Loan Georgia

Did you know that a pre settlement loan against your Georgia injury claim could give you the immediate cash you need to pay off bills, get out of debt and make ends meet while you are waiting on your case to be settled?


Many people who have been injured and are not able to work, are unable to get a traditional bank or credit union loan due to their job loss, income loss or credit score. With a pre settlement loan against your Georgia claim, the strength of the claim alone is enough to warrant the funding.


If you’re currently involved in a pending lawsuit or legal claim, are being represented by an attorney, and are in need of immediate cash to settle financial debt or incoming bills, you are eligible to apply for a pre settlement loan with Legal Funds Now, in Georgia. It’s a quick and simple process that provides approval in less than 48 hours, and sometimes even within the same day.


There is absolutely no risk to you! The fact is, if win your case, you do not repay until you collect your settlement, and if you do not receive a cash settlement, you do not ever have to pay back the loan. Legal Funds Now may be able to advance you up to $500,000.


Legal Funds Now offers pre settlement loan options in Georgia for a wide range of lawsuits, including: personal injury, malpractice, medical, work-related and commercial lawsuits. This is only a partial list of the lawsuits they are willing to loan on. For a complete list, please visit online at


The experienced team from Legal Funds Now has the knowledge and resources to help you when you need it most. They are a dependable source for a pre settlement loan options across Georgia and will structure a plan that works for you. Clients choose Legal Funds Now for quick funding, competitive pricing and outstanding customer service. Due to their direct relationships with numerous private legal funding sources, Legal Funds Now is able to offer some of the most competitive pricing in the industry.


Applying for a pre settlement loan with Legal Funds Now in Georgia is free, and they do not charge any origination costs or upfront fees like most other lenders. You’ll be glad to know there are no hidden fees whatsoever. If you should lose your case, you owe nothing.


If your case is won, Legal Funds Now offers fees that vary depending on the value of your claim. They evaluate each case individually and will tailor fees based on the particular circumstances of your case. These fees are explained up front with no surprises at the end. There are flexible terms to help you maximize the settlement.


Get the cash you need right now to pay bills and manage your life, with a pre settlement loan from Legal Funds Now in Georgia. There is no risk to you, so you have nothing to lose. Get your life back on course with the funding you need, from Legal Funds Now.

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Pre Settlement Loan Georgia