home loans Moorpark

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home loans Moorpark

Buying a house can be a long process. You need to find a reasonably priced home, then go through the process of finding a mortgage type that's right for you, discussing rates, and waiting for pre-approval and closing. Of course, you can go about this process mortgage first, then house later. It’ll still take weeks either way.  However, with a good home loan company, this lengthy process can be made faster.

At Amerifund, we believe in proving our value to our homeowners. Although our services include the customary quote, forms, and finally a pre-approval letter, we do things a little differently. Allow us to tell you what makes Amerifund the best company for home loans in Moorpark.

  1. Communication

Amerifund can assure you that we’ll be there for you throughout your loan approval process. We’re not afraid to say that we have the finest mortgage brokers in Moorpark, CA. Our confidence comes from the fact that we don’t hire people based solely on their experience or education. One of our criteria for new staff is their ability to connect with clients and genuinely want to help.

Our agents are patient to consider your requests, and then advise you on the best mortgage type for your particular needs. We're also ready to explain anything you don't understand. We know that mortgage terminology can be a little stuffy for most people. At Amerifund, we're prepared to listen to what you want. We take your considerations and conditions and see what's possible, and tell you everything you need to know to make the best decision for you.

  1. Efficiency

As one of the best home loan companies in Moorpark, CA, we pride ourselves on our efficiency. At Amerifund, we understand that your time is inestimably valuable. To shorten the mortgage process, we do our best to ensure an efficient system that starts with the customer's proper education.

Once you have decided and mailed us the information necessary, we ensure that you get your pre-approval letter within a couple of minutes. We also inform you of current mortgage rates in Moorpark, CA, and any changes therein. If there are any mistakes or something that you must correct, we advise you promptly so the correct information will be sent. When you work with Amerifund, you save time. And we all know that time is money.

  1. Education

This is a part of the home loan process that's been somewhat neglected by other leading mortgage brokers. If you're a first-time house buyer and you need information on home loans in Moorpark, you will probably need more information on all things home loans as it pertains to Moorpark, CA.

We at Amerifund are unique because our brokers take the time to ensure that you genuinely understand what looking for a home loan entails. Because we operate in Moorpark, CA, we know everything there is to know about local mortgage rates, and we want you to know it too. After your crash course in home loans, you can make well-informed decisions about your mortgage.


These three qualities make us at Amerifund who we are – a company wholly dedicated to its clients' welfare. So if you’re looking for home loans in Moorpark, contact Amerifund get rates: (800) 570-5626.

home loans Moorpark
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home loans Moorpark
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